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Safety Rules

  1. Front weights must be secured by metal pin or bracket.

  2. Any tractor turning over 3000RPM must have high speed fan or electric fan, dead man throttle, and safety blanket or steel scatter shield 8″ wide x 3/8″ thick, 360 degrees around clutch housing.

  3. All tractors are recommended to have fenders and side shields.

  4. A fire extinguisher is mandatory on all tractors.

  5. Weights may not be mounted on any part of 3 point hitch.

  6. Tip-over bars required. Minimum requirements are:

    • Tip-over bars must not be attached to drawbar.

    • Pads are to be 5 inches square and 20 inches apart.

    • Pads must be 5 inches behind plane of rear tire and a maximum of 10 inches above ground.

    • Tip-over bars must support weight of tractor in it’s heaviest class.

    • Jacking up tractor by pads is test of strength and tech committee may perform this test.

  7. Working kill switch is required on all tractors.

  8. Any contestant under 18 years of age must have one parent or guardian sign release of liability before pulling.

  9. Tech committee may inspect tractors at any time.

  10. The Tech committee will enforce all rules and rule on any unforeseen problems or oversights and their ruling will be final.

  11. All tractors must have high back seat.

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