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  1. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are PROHIBITED on the Fairgrounds.

  2. West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition, Inc. or its members will not be responsible for any accident sustained on the Fairgrounds, accident or otherwise.

  3. West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition, Inc. reserves the sole right to construe its own rules and regulations and to determine arbitrarily all matters and differences in regard there to, for which there is no appeal.

  4. West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition, Inc. assumes no responsibility for exhibits, however, we will take every possible precaution for their safe keeping.

  5. Animals on Fairgrounds must meet State of West Virginia Health requirements and recommendations.  Refer to the State of West Virginia Health requirement before making entry in the Fair, contact your licensed veterinarian.  Papers may be checked.

  6. Animal or pets will not be allowed to run loose.

  7. Chairperson will reserve space for out-of-county exhibitors in all open classes if request is received before   July 1.

  8. In case of no competition in a class the right is reserved to award a premium less than first place.  The West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition, Inc. reserves the right to combine classes where there is insufficient competition in a class.

  9. No articles or animals shall be entered for a premium unless owned in whole or part by the person offering the same and when owned by a minor, the article or animal may be entered in name of such minor. No one individual may receive premium money on more than two entries in a class but may show as many entries within a class as he/she desires.

  10. No posters, leaflets, or advertisements may be put on Fairground except within your own exhibit space unless authorized by West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition’s Board of Directors.

  11. Exhibitors must keep their area clean and tidy.

  12. Chairpersons will have complete control over their respective department, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.  They will receive the articles or animals entered for exhibition and place them in their proper place.  Failure of any persons, adult or youth, to comply with rules or requests of people in charge will forfeit all premiums won.  They are in complete charge of grounds, buildings, people, animals, or articles in regard to health, safety sanitation and conduct.  In the event that  unethical practices, tampering with animals or another exhibitor, damaging signs and exhibits or any other acts or poor personal conduct are discovered premiums will be forfeited. 

  13. Committee chairpersons will be permitted to act in any dispute upon an article or animal exhibited by themselves or in which they have an interest.  Any dispute must be documented in writing by an Incident Report.

  14. Youth on Fairgrounds after 12:00 midnight must be chaperoned by an adult.  Gates will be locked as scheduled. 

  15. The proceeds of the Fair after paying expenses are not sufficient to pay premiums in full, premiums due may be prorated.

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