Domestic Arts


Entry Fee:  $.50  per item

Premiums:  1st-  $3.00         2nd-  $2.00         3rd-  $1.00


Enter as many classes as you like, but only one item per class.  Chairperson has the right to add to existing classes if three or more items of like variety are brought for exhibit and also to combine classes when there is insufficient competition in a class.  Quilts that are entered MUST have a hanging sleeve 80 inches from the bottom of the quilt even if that measurement is not at the top of the quilt. This ensures that the quilt does not touch the floor when hung for display. Not responsible for damage or loss.

Entries in previous WV Interstate Fair and Exposition that have received a ribbon will not be accepted.  Building will be locked when not attended.  Entries will be accepted only on Sunday, June 20, from 2:00  pm to 6:00 pm  Exhibits must be left on exhibit until 10:00 pm on Saturday, June 26  Exhibits can be picked up after 10:00 pm on Saturday, June 26 or on Sunday June 27 from 12:30 - 1:30


Class 1.    Costume Clothing       

         1A.  Adult    

         1B.  Children

Class 2.    Dolls, Toys

Class 3.    Miscellaneous

Section B – QUILTING

Class 4.    Regular

         4A.  Appliqued

         4B.  Embroidered          

         4C.  Pieced 

                 1. Hand Quilted

                 2.  Home Machine Quilted

                 3.   Long Arm Quilted

         4D.  Miscellaneous

Class 5.    Baby                               

         5A.  Appliqué                                  

         5B.  Embroidered                             

         5C.  Pieced

                 Hand Quilted

                 Home Machine Quilted

                 Long Arm Quiilted                       

         5D.  Miscellaneous

Class 6.    Wall Hangings

Class 7.    Miscellaneous


Class 8.    Clothing                              

         8A.  Adults                                     

         8B.  Children                                   

Class 9.    Accessories

                  9A. Hats, Scarves, Mittens

                  9B. Gloves, Socks   

                  9C. Miscellaneous       

Class 10.  Afgans

                 10A. Regular

                 10B. Baby                   

Class 11.  Doilies                   

Class 12.  Household Novelty Items

Class 13:  Miscellaneous

Section D. - KNITTING                  

Class 14.  Clothing 

                 14A. Adult

                14B. Children                             

Class 15.  Accessories     

                 15A. Hats, Scarves, Mittens

                  15B. Gloves, Socks   

                  15C. Miscellaneous

Class 16:    Miscellaneous

Section E –Embroidery Techniques

Class 17.   Counted Cross-Stitch

         15A.Large items (over 10”x12”)     

         15B.Small items (under 10”x 12”)


Class 18.  Needlepoint, Canvas Mesh

         16A.Large items (over 10”x12”)     

         16B.Small items (under 10”x 12”)


Class 19.   Miscellaneous

Section F-  Children’s Crafts

Class 20.   Ages 6, 7

Class 21.   Ages 8, 9

Class 22.   Ages 10, 11

Class 23.   Ages  12. 13

Class 24.   Ages 14, 15

Class 25.   Miscellaneous

Section G– Flower Arranging

Class 26.    Miscellaneous (dried, silk, etc.)

Section H Heritage Skills

Class 27.   Miscellaneous (Baskets, tole painting, woodworking etc.)

Section I-  Holiday Crafts

Class 28.   Christmas

         28A. Crocheted

         28B. Ornaments

         28C. Stockings

         28D.Wall Hanging

         28E. Wreaths

         28F.  Miscellaneous

Class 29.   Other Holiday

Section J-  Recycle

Class 30.   Fabric

Class 31.   Glass               

Class 32.   Metal              

Class 33.   Paper
Class 34.   Plastic

Class 35.   Miscellaneous

Section K - Miscellaneous

Class 36.   Scrapbook Pages

         36A. Family Members

         36B. Animals

         36C. Seasons/Nature

         36D. Holidays

         36E. Occasions

         36F. Sports


         36H. Misc.

Class 37.   Greeting Cards

         37A. Holidays

         37B. Occasions

         37C. Heritage

         37D. Made by children

         37E. Miscellaneous

Class 38.   Wreaths

Class 39.   Miscellaneous