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Stock factory oem cylinder heads and blocks that are factory production line installed in production vehicles (factory castings will be checked at techs discretion) 



  1. No aftermarket ignitions with adjustable timing control or electronic timing boxes (must be mounted in clear view)

  2. No engine swaps must have been available in that make and model big blocks allowed in ¾ ton and heavier only

  3. Single oem style carburetor must have choke provisions (no predator, 4500 dominator, and/or  4150 hp) or factory efi using gasoline or diesel only

  4. No nitrous allowed  or any other power adders

  5. Gasoline engines must pull 17” of steady vacuum @1000 rpm max by tach and gauge provided by officials, to be checked on carburetor, intake, or throttle body ( ) no vacuum pumps except diesel

  6. Must have full street legal exhaust exiting six inches behind cab and exiting either down or out (headers allowed)

  7. After-market aluminum intake (dual plane) only allowed

  8. Must have factory engine accessories belt driven by the crankshaft (electric fans allowed)

  9. All mechanical fans must have a secured shroud

  10. Engine must be in stock location using factory type mounts (no motor plates)

  11. Radiator must be in front of engine ( ) no power adders(turbo, nitrous etc) unless factory equipped


Drive train/Suspension

  1. Tires must be uncut dot (all tires must be same diameter and width as marked on sidewall)

  2. No suspension or steering modifications other than lift kits

  3. No coil spring shocks, adjustable shocks and racing style shock

  4. No solid front axle conversions

  5. No trans brakes or other staging devices allowed in vehicle including manual valve body (no air or electric shifters)

  6. OEM style transfer case required

  7. No after-market chain drives allowed

  8. Must have functional original equipment brakes at all four wheels


Frame and body

  1. Street legal with all required street equipment (front bumpers, lights, wipers, exhaust, etc.)

  2. Gas tank and battery must be in factory location (no fuel cells allowed) battery must be secure

  3. Must retain all factory interior and exterior components (glass, dash, etc, racing seats allowed however must retain seating for two)

  4. Must have unmodified matching body and frame

    1. Minor trimming for tire clearance allowed

    2. Factory type bed floor or minimum of .092 carbon steel or 3/16”aluminum plate.

  5. May remove the doors from cj, yj, tj, scout, 66-77 bronco and 69-72 blazer.

  6. No fiberglass body panels unless factory produced (non functional hood scoops are allowed no greater than 4” in height) (no gutting or hulling of hoods)

  7. Must have all factory cross members in place


Paperwork/safety equipment

  1. Helmet and seat belts required

  2. Must have arm and leg restraints such as cloth doors, netting or safety bars if doors are removed vehicles

  3. Vehicles with factory removable tops may be removed w/min. Of 4 point roll bar protection

  4. All transmissions must have neutral or clutch switch safety switch

  5. All vehicles must have charged fire extinguisher.

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