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  1. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY FEE.Participants in the Junior Market Goat Show must be a member in good standing of the Wood County 4-H or FFA programs, must attend one of the two mandatory Youth Quality Assurance trainings and turned in a signed Youth Livestock Agreement.

  1. Market Goats must be born between January 1 and April 30, 2019.

  2. Market goats must weigh at least 50 pounds to a maximum of 100 pounds.Any animal not meeting the weight requirements may exhibit in showmanship only.Any market goat over 100 pounds will sell at the end of the sale at 100 pounds maximum (110-pound goat will sell at 100 pounds).Underweight market goats will sell at the end of the goat section of the sale as feeder goats.

  3. Animals are to be kept at the residence of the exhibitor, his/her parents, or legal guardian.Any housing arrangement other than this needs prior approval by the committee.Unscheduled farm visits may be anytime during the project year.They are to be available for inspection by WVU Extension Agents, FFA advisors, Project Leaders.

  4. Completed Project Livestock Exhibitors must have a completed project to receive a fair pass and sell their animal in the Wood County Junior Livestock Sale.


Completed Project=70% or higher score on Project Book +Record Guide+ Fair Exhibit + Activity Record

Completed Project Books are due Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at WVU Extension Office by 4:30 pm

Records guides due Friday, July 26, 2019 at WVU Extension Office by 4:30 pm

4-H/FFA Youth must score a 70% or above on their project book to be eligible for the market class        and to sell their animal in the Junior Livestock Sale.

If a project is declared incomplete, the exhibitor cannot sell their animal in the Wood County Junior Livestock Sale or compete for grand or reserve champion

  1. All project animals must be registered with the WVU Extension Agent or FFA Instructor by Saturday, May 12, 2018 and tagged on the designated tagging day.


  1. Exhibitors must comply with the WV Department of Agriculture Health Regulations. All Market Goats MUST HAVE A SCRAPIE TAG BEFORE TAG-IN AND DURING THE WV INTERSTATE FAIR.

  2. All exhibitors must turn in a completed project book by Tuesday, June 5, 2018 into the WVU Extension Office.All exhibitors must turn in a completed record guide by book by Friday, July 26, 2018 into the WVU Extension Office.

  3. All animals MUST HAVE HEALTH PAPERS, pass a health inspection, and be checked by project/show chairmen before unloading the animal (foot rot, sore mouth, ringworm, etc.)

  4. All goats and sheep must walk through a foot bath before entering the barn.No exceptions as deemed by the WV Department of Agriculture.

  5. Animals entered in Breeding Classes cannot be entered in Market Goat classes or vice versa.

  6. No distinction will be made between grade and registered goats.

  7. Any animal purchased outside of West Virginia must be accompanied with Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health papers certified by a veterinarian) for tagging day and WV Interstate Fair.

  8. All goats will be stabled in the spaces assigned to them by Project/Show Chairmen.

  9. Any medications given to your project animal must be recorded in your 4-H Project Record Guide.The exhibitor is responsible for verifying with the Project/Show Chairmen any drugs, growth stimulants or any other treatments administered to the animal, including those by a veterinarian.

  10. Feeding, caring for, and grooming of the animals must be done by the exhibitor.There is to be no professionals involved with the preparation or the exhibition of animals at the fair. Younger exhibitors are to be assisted in moving animals to and from the show ring.Younger age exhibitors in the age group 8 to 13 years old may be assisted by parents or guardians in the grooming and fitting of their animal.Older age exhibitors may receive assistance only in the grooming and fitting of their animal; if it is their first year in the project.

  11. Entry deadline for checking Market and Purebred Goat Projects into the fair will be 3:00 p.m., Sunday July 15, 2018.Market Goats will be weighed on Sunday, July 15, 2018, starting at 5:00 pm.

  12. The classes will be made up by the WVU Agriculture Extension Agent and Youth Livestock Project Chairs.

  13. If a Junior Goat Exhibitor has a valid reason and is unable to show his/her animal in a class, the substitute showman must be a member of 4-H or FFA programs in Wood County and be in the same or lower age group.An excusable valid reason would be an illness documented by a physician, or death in the immediate family, or extenuating circumstances decided by the committee.

  14. All exhibitors must conform to the general rules of the WV Interstate Fair & Exposition, Inc. and the Wood County Youth Livestock Project Chairs.

  15. Exhibitors must complete project books, record guides, participate in all show classes, and send a Thank-You to award sponsors and showmanship classes to receive premium money and be eligible for the sale.Any 4-H or FFA member not adhering to the individual project guidelines will be excluded from the sale. All market animals must be shown in showmanship and market class for the animal to be eligible for the sale.


  17. Exhibition score is determined by the Project/Show Chairmen.The score can be based on pen cleanliness, cooperation with others, being on time for shows, following directions given, assisting with preparing for and cleaning after shows, etc.

  18. All aisles are to be kept clear at all times.Pens are to be cleaned regularly.Any exhibitor not participating in the sale and leaves early must clean their stall area.The cleaned stall area must be approved by a livestock chair before leaving.

  19. Showmanship classes are MANDATORY to Wood County 4-H and FFA projects who are exhibiting at the fair, unless illness, accident, death or other extenuating circumstances occur.


Judging will be on:

  • Exhibitors ability to properly show his/her animal to the judge

  • Appearance of the animal and exhibitor

  • Appearance of contestants; such as proper dress, neatness, clean clothing and boots, grooming and sportsmanship.

  • Knowledge of animal project, marketing and livestock industry.


  1. The exhibitor’s age on the day of show will determine the class that each exhibitor will show in.

  2. All exhibitors must be in proper show attire when showing in any class as well as for the sale.Proper attire is defined as for Wood County 4-H, or FFA show shirt, jeans and boots.

  3. Exhibitors must show their own animal in showmanship.All goat exhibitors (purebred and market) will show together for showmanship.

  4. No oil or powder can be used on the goats.The animal will be disqualified if either is found on them.

  5. Grooming and fitting must be done in the barn in which the animal is housed or immediate area adjacent to it.

  6. Hooves must be shown in their natural form.

  7. WV Interstate Fair Board, Wood County 4-H Leaders Association and Blennerhassett FFA will not be responsible in case of fire, theft, or accident to any livestock, also will not be responsible for any accident on the fairground.Precautions will be taken to protect the animals.

  8. The Wood County Youth Livestock Project Chairs reserve the right to interpret rules governing the Goat Show.

  9. Transportation Needs- If an exhibitor is having problems in getting their project animal to the fair in time to meet the deadlines, contact one of the Youth Livestock Chairs or the Wood County WVU Extension Office to arrange transportation.


Section II-MARKET GOAT Classes


CLASS 11        Market Goat-Minimum 50 pounds to a maximum of 100 pounds.

CLASS 12        Grand Champion Market Goat-Minimum 50 pounds to a maximum of 100 pounds.

CLASS 13        Reserve Champion Market Goat-Minimum 50 pounds to a maximum of 100 pounds.



CLASS 14        Showmanship-10 years of age and under

CLASS 15        Showmanship-11, 12, 13 years of age

CLASS 16        Showmanship-14, 15, 16 years of age

CLASS 17        Showmanship-17 years of age or older




CLASS 18        Doe Kids 0 to under 4 months

CLASS 19        Doe Kids 4 months to under 8 months

CLASS 20        Doe Kids 8 months to under 12 months

CLASS 21        Yearling Does-12 months to under 18 months

CLASS 22        Yearling Does-18 months to under 24 months

CLASS 23        Junior Champion Doe

CLASS 24        Junior Reserve Champion Doe

CLASS 25        Senior Does-24 months to under 36 months

CLASS 26        Aged Does-36 months and older

CLASS 27        Senior Champion Doe

CLASS 28        Senior Reserve Champion Doe

CLASS 29        Overall Grand Champion Doe

CLASS 30        Overall Reserve Champion Doe


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