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6200 Cheater Stock 4×4 Truck Rules

  1. Weight class is 6200 pounds. No weight brackets or hanging weights allowed on front of vehicles. Weights must be in cab or bed only and securely fastened or contained safely therein. No weights allowed under hood or in the wheel wells. No weights may be suspended under the body/chassis or behind panels/parts.

  2. No dual wheels, studded tires, tire chains, or any tire not specifically intended for street use are permitted. All tires must carry a D.O.T. number on the side wall, D.O.T. number must be easily read from the outside of the tire. No cut, altered, or sharpened tires.

  3. Front bumpers must be unaltered factory stock. No weighted front devices are permitted – this includes but is not limited to: homemade bumpers, brush guards, and winches. Lower brackets (only) for snow plow frames are permitted so long as no modifications that would add weight are determined. An unaltered decorative brush guard may be permitted at the option of the head official. A truck is permitted to compete without a front bumper.

  4. The hitch point will be from a “Reese type” hitch or drawbar with the point of attachment to the truck’s frame behind the pumpkin of the rear end. Hitch point may not be more than 24′′ from ground. No angled, lever, pivot, axis or other types of ‘trick’ hitches are allowed, and the hitch must be stationary in all directions. The hitch point from center of axle must be no shorter than 36′′ on regular cab trucks and 48′′ on extended and 4-door cab trucks. Shortening of the bed to shorten the hook point is not permitted. Traction bars are allowed.

  5. Gasoline is the only fuel permitted. No aluminum engine blocks are permitted unless O.E.M. Absolutely no alcohol, nitrous oxide or other oxygen extenders. Turbo-Blue and CAM-2 are permitted. Headers are approved but all exhaust must run through a muffler system. No superchargers or turbochargers permitted. Swaps between manufacturers are not permitted.

  6. No solid suspensions are permitted. Must have stock suspension one ton or below. Blocks are allowed between axle housing and truck frame. Lift kits are acceptable.

  7. Truck must be stock in appearance. Floor in bed must be solid. The wheelbase may not be changed. Wooden flatbeds are permitted.

  8. Transmission & transfer case must be O.E.M. and available in one-ton (or smaller) pick-up trucks. U-joint shields, driveshaft loops, and kill switch required.

  9. Drivers are urged to wear a seatbelt or shoulder harness and a motor sport type helmet when hooked to the sled. Race seats with 5-point harness allowed. Passengers are not permitted in the truck unless first-time puller — limit 3 times.

  10. A maximum of 3 working automotive batteries allowed.

  11. Protest rule: $500 for hidden weights. This must be done in one-hour time limit.

  12. Tractor & Truck pullers hitch opening size requirements: 3 ¾ inch front to back and 3-inch side to side. Note: No loose clevis are to be used. (Revised – Dec. 2017)

  13. Helmet/seat belt is required.

Safety Rules

  1. Must have loops on all drive shafts and U-joint shields. 3 on rear and 2 on front.

  2. A working kill switch. Kill switch must be accessible to sled in plain view of sight. Kill switch must shut off fuel pump.

  3. Must have Neutral safety “white” light visible by sled operator.

  4. Must have fire extinguisher within hand reach.

  5. Blow proof bell housing or blanket and flywheel shields are insurance required.

  6. Must wear a helmet.


Driver use of a race seat with five-point harness recommended

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