ATV Drag Race



President Floyd Griffith: 740 236 0834

Vice President Brian Schott: 740 538 3635

Paige Griffith: 740 568 8898

To see a full set of rules go to:

Tuesday, June 22 & Friday, June 25


Tuesday, June 22


Registration 6:30   Race 7:30

$10 per class. 
Points Race for Members
100% Payback for the top 4 places in each class or a plaque, your choice. 

Night One Classes: 
Open CC Women’s 
Senior 40 and Up - Open CC 
0-330cc 2-Storke
0-400cc 2-Stroke
0-500cc 2-Stroke or 0-800cc 4-Stroke
Open Utility/ Sport Utility/ UTV
0-1500cc Open


Friday, June 25

Registration 6:00   Race 7:00


Night 2 Classes: 
Power Wheels - 5 and Under
0-90cc Youth ATV Only- 12 and Under
Youth Outlaw ATV Only- 1-125cc 12 and Under 
0-360cc 4-Stroke
0-500cc 4-Stroke 
0-1000cc 4-Stroke, 
0-450cc Limited 4-Stroke
0-700cc 4-Stoke or 500cc 2- Stroke Limited
0-416cc 4-Stroke


Motorcycle Only Classes: 
0-100cc Youth 12 and Under
0-525cc Motorcycle

Must be 16 years old to ride in any Friday night class.





FAX  304-489-3163 

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