CEOS (Community Educational Outreach Service) exhibits are projects that have been completed by a CEOS member.  This is her opportunity to share  her  talent and skill with the Club, the community, and the WVIF&E.  One entry per class per person.  Classes may be combined for lack of competition within any designated class.  New classes may be opened as needed.


ENTRIES ACCEPTED:  SUNDAY, July 14, from 2-6 p.m.

Entries may be picked up Sunday, July 21, from noon-2 pm



 1st place- $3.00            2nd place- $2.00            3rd place- $1.00



Section A: Visual Arts

Class 1.      Painting– oil and acrylic

Class 2.      Drawings– pen/ink, charcoal, etc.      

Class 3.      Watercolor                           

Class 4.      Decorative painting-on objects 

Class 5.      Other

Section B : Photography

Class 6.      People                     

Class 7.      Animals– Wildlife/zoo      

Class 8.      Animals– pets and domestic

Class 9       Landscape/Seascape        

Class 10.    Still Life - objects arranged for visual enjoyment or a photo, not plants or flowers in a vase. 

Class 11.    Humor - in the subject photographed

Class 12.    Patterns - natural or man-made

Class 13.    Shadows         

Class 14.    Sequence Photos—Limitrd 4 photos mounted in a row.               

Class 15.    Montage - related photos, whole or portions within space size of 12x12.

Class 16.    New picture of old things– No people. Photo’s less than 10 years old of subjects greater

                   than 40 years old.          

Class 17.    Computer enhanced - photo enhanced by camera or computer to create unique creation.

                   This is beyond cropping.

Class 18.    Personal Pride - graduation, missing tooth grin, blue exhibit etc.

Class 19.    Plants, trees & flowers

Class 20.    Other    

Section C – Small blankets, quilts, afghan, lap covers, children’s blankets              

Class 21.    Crocheted or knitted               

Class 22.    Quilted– any size of piecing, quilting

Class 23.    Other

Section D– Yarn Arts and Weaving (baskets elsewhere)                                

Class 24.    Crocheted doilies, tablecloths, table runners, etc.                                

Class 25.    Crocheted other

Class 26.    Knitted scarves, hats, gloves

Class 27.    Knitted other clothing                    

Class 28.    Knitted other than clothing.

Class 29.    Weaving-of various fibers.

Section E– Embroidery Techniques

Class 30.    Cross Stitch– counted, stamped         

Class 31.    Needlepoint and plastic canvas

Class 32.    Machine       

Class 33.    Basic Embroidery– variety of stitches imaginable.

Section F– Baskets - Woven & Non-

Class 34.    Large woven          

Class 35.    Small woven

Class 36.    Non-woven

Section G.  Ceramics– figurines, vases, etc. Must be empty for judging.

Class 37.    Christmas    

Class 38.    Holiday other than Christmas

Class 39.    Non-Holiday

Section H- Quilting-  Non-baby/crib/lap size.  Judged by method of quilting and/or decorative additions.

Decorative Pattern Method     

Class 40.    Appliqué

Class 41.    Pieced - Patchwork squares, crazy.  Knotted, any pattern.

Class 41a.  Pieced tops unfinished

Class 42.    Embroidery Design

Quilting Methods                    

Class 43.    Hand quilted

Class 44.    Knotted

Class 45.    Machine quilted

Other Quilted Items

Class 46.    Wall hanging.  Must have hanging method attached and available. NOT intended as bedding.

Class 47.    Quilted pillow covers.

Class 47a.  Quilted pillow covers (machine quilted)

Section I– Wreaths

Class 48.    Wreaths

Section J-  Creative Writing  

Class 49.    Poetry –no limit for WVIFE

Class 50.    Short Story-no limit for WVIFE

Class 51.    Other– news articles, letters, etc.

Section K - Flower Arrangements

Class 52.    Dried materials - purchased or from home flower garden.

Class 53.    Fresh - from home garden or wild only, not purchased.

Class 54.    Artificial materials

Class 55.    Plaques and other items created from plant and flower parts.

Section L—Holiday Crafts (non-ceramic)       

Class 56.    Christmas ornaments

Class 57.    Wall hangings –Christmas and other holiday/celebration items Must have  hanging method. 

Class 58.    Christmas other        

Class 59.    Easter         

Class 60.    Halloween                

Class 61.    Patriotic                               

Class 62.    Other holidays & celebrations 9b-day, anniversary, graduation, seasonal

‚ÄčSection M—Pillows and Soft Sculptures

Class 63.    Pillows –NON quilted, NON crocheted

Class 64.    Decorative/fun.  Non-toys

Section N—Heritage Skills

Class 65.    Tole Painting –tin only

Class 66.    Stenciling –any background, which will not be judged

Class 67.    Split bottoms and caning-stools, chairs

Class 68.    Other Examples of pioneer skills

Section O—Gardening

Class 69.    Produce -Home garden display Minimum varieties with maximum 10 individual pieces—

                   Exception: Berries in small jar or a small bunch of grapes may count as must be in sturdy

                   container which will not be judged.

Class 70.    Houseplants –must have waterproof container, which will not be judged.

                  (Must be owned at least 90 days before exhibiting)

Section P—Foods                    

Class 71.    Baked goods –No cream filled items. (May be tasted)     

Class 72.    Fruits              

Class 73.    Beans

Class 74.    Tomatoes

Class 75.    Juice

Class 76.    Jellies/jams/butters

Class 77.    Pickles

Class 78.    Relishes & Salsas

Class 78a.  Sauces

Class 79.    Other

Section Q –Sewing

Class 80.    Hand sewn clothing

Class 81.    Machine sewn

Section R -Recycling 

Class 82.    Fabric

Class 83.    Glass

Class 84.    Plastic

Class 85.    Metal

Class 86.    Paper

Class 87.    Other

Class 88.    More than ine recycled material in one newly created item.

Section S - Miscellaneous

Class 89.    Woodworking –wood pieces must have been cut and finished by the exhibitor.

Class 90.    Wall Hangings-non holiday, etc. Must have hanging method.

Class 91.    Toys

Class 92.    Jewelry

Class 93.    Decorative clothing/shoes

Class 94.    Scrapbook covers

Class 95.    Scrapbooks pages– min. 1-page layout.

Class 96.    Card making. Up to 4 cards mounted on a 12x12 sheet of card stock.

Class 97.    Useful items - items intended for use AS IS, not as decoration 

Class 98.    Original Design (an item of origination within the exhibitor’s own mind and talents.  No kits,

                   must be design original to the exhibitor. Adaptations OK but exact copies are not.         

Class 99.    Leftovers –A near duplicate of some one other item an exhibitor may

                   have displayed elsewhere for CEOS.

Class 101.  It ain’t pretty - but it does its job.  Saluting ingenuity in solving something that “can’t be fixed

                   /used in any other way”, or “I just didn't have enough of what I needed/wanted to do it right.”  

Section T– Club Exhibits and/or history books– For CEOS clubs only.  No larger than a 36” wide by 36”

                  deep.  Must be entered with an exhibitors number.  No entry fee.  No premium.  No ribbon.

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