1.      We reserve the right to rework the pit at any time.

2.      Distance will be measured at the front tires of the ATV.

3.      Stock machines and big wheel kits will be allowed.

4.      Tires must be stock size, with no more than 1” tread to run stock.

5.      No duels, chains, spikes, track or axle paddles in any class.

6.      No riding on edges, must stay in pit.

7.      Once the quad has stopped, you will have 5 seconds to move (stop watch will be used)

8.      Flag man controls the run.

9.      Lights or flag will start and stop run.

10.    Stop watches or lights will start with the flag.

11.    Rider is responsible for hooking up his or her ATV.

12.    No alcohol will be allowed on fairgrounds.

13.    Anyone under 18 will be required to have a guardian or parent’s written permission (must be present).

14.    No one under the age 12 can compete (except for youth classes).

15.    Official decisions are final.

16.    Riders must stay on the machine during run.

17.    Any ATV with 2wd/4wd switch must stay in one position during run.

18.    Any damage incurred when being pulled out is the sole responsibility of the driver.

19.    Engines must be original equipment for make & model of ATV.

20.    Carburetor must be naturally aspirated.

21.    Must have open ignition.

22.    Frame must be original for make & model.  No cutting allowed.

23.    Axles must be original for make & model.

24.    Must have open suspension.

25.    Exhaust must run mufflers.

26.    Fuel must be pump gas (turbo blue/cam 2 ok).  No alcohol or nitrous.

27.    No paddle tires

28.    Brakes must be able to stop within distance indicated.

29.    Must have d.o.t. helmet with full face shield or approved eye protection.

30.    No open shoes or shorts.

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