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  1. ALL RIDERS MUST wear an approved helmet and appropriate clothing, closed toed shoes. HELMETS MUST BE STRAPPED!!!!!   

  2. Youth class is for 12 and under.Anyone under 18 riding must have an adult present.

  3. All machines must have tether kill switches and be used when racing.

  4. All machines racing must have operating brakes.

  5. One rider per bike, per class

  6. All machines must be naturally aspirated. Non-naturally aspirated will be allowed in the open classes only.

  7. NO machines started or ridden until you have registered, NO PIT RIDING!!!!

  8. Pit area speed is idle speed ONLY.

  9. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages or glass containers permitted!!!!

  10. No refunds after start of class.

  11. All classes will be double elimination.

  12. Riders are to have their machines up at the starting area when your class is running, and listen for your name to be called. (No engines running while being called to the staging line)

  13. The first name called for each race will be in lane 1; the second name called will be in lane 2.

  14. Payback will be 4 places in each class. Paybacks will be distributed once the event is over not during the event. Registration fee per class is $10.00.

  15. Track officials decisions will be final.

  16. Club members are to help with setup, tear down, and cleanup.

  17. No nitrous bottles on bikes, except for open classes.

  18. A protest of any bike must be submitted during or immediately following the completion of the class. The protested bike will be torn down immediately following the completion of that class, in front of the announcer stand. The protest fee is $150.00 per bike, per class. If a bike is found to be illegal, the person that filed the protest will receive their $150.00 back and the club will access a $150.00 fine to the illegal bike. If found illegal, all money and points won in any classes that day by the illegal bike, will be forfeited and the illegal bike will not be allowed to run in any more classes in that day’s event. The $150.00 fine must also be paid before the bike is allowed to race with the club ever again. A racer can deny a tear down, but is then assumed to be illegal and the same rules as above apply. Any club member found to be illegal will have their membership revoked for the rest of the year and will not race again with the club until the new racing season begins and the $150.00 fine is paid. If a bike is found to be legal, the bike that was protested will receive the $150.00. 20. Studded or Spiked tires are PROHIBITED.

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