Celebrating 42 years

"Where Families Come For Fun!"

July 14-18, 2015

Mineral Wells, West Virginia

2015 Tentative Schedule



Sunday, July 12

2-6:00 pm      Register All Exhibits

5-10:00 pm    All Junior Livestock

 Weigh-in (Livestock Area)


Monday, July 13

Livestock Pictures


Tuesday, July 14


“Senior Citizens’ Day” sponsored by Wood Co. Waste, Harold’s Refuse


9:00 am         4-H Rabbit Show (Livestock Area)

10:00 am       Still Exhibit Judging

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open**

Jr. Royalty Pageant Registration (Open Shelter)

1:00 pm         Tiny Tot Pageant (Ages 3-5) Girls & Boys.

Little Miss & Mister (Ages 6-8) Girls & Boys.

Jr. Miss (Ages 9-12)                

4:00 pm        Carnival Opens          

6:00 pm        Jr. Goat Showmanship(Livestock Area)

Jr. agoat ShowJr. (Immediately following)

Jr. Market Sheep Showmanship

Jr. Market Sheep Show

6:30 pm         ATV Drag Racing Registration

7:00 pm         RODEO

                     Opening Ceremonies, Flag Raising Ceremony, & Guest  

                     Dignitaries   (Main Stage)

                     ATV Rodeo  (Track Area)Pole Bending,Barrel Racing, Obstacle Course, Pick Up Race,= Youth 8-15, 110cc & under, Youth 8-15, 120cc-250cc (4 stroke only), Adult 16 & up,  Utility Quad, Sport Utility Quad,Side by Side Utility, Side by Side Sport Utility                        

7:30 pm       ATV Drag Racing (ATV Tack Area) 0-99cc youth (12 &

                    under), Powder Puff, Outlaw 0-100cc Youth (12 & under),

                    Stock Utility 4 Stroke, Sport Utility, 0-360cc 4 Stroke,

                    0-416cc 4 Stroke, 0-450cc 4 Stroke, Dirt Bike 0-1000cc

                    Youth, All other dirt bikes race in ATV class size except

                    450's, the will race in 500cc class.        

8:30 pm      CRAIG WAYNE BOYD(Main Stage)Sponsored by WGGE "Froggy 99"

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


**All Senior citizens age 60 & over admitted for $5.00 all day"


Wednesday, July 15


“Kids’ Day” Sponsored by Ric Modesitt & Associates


10:00 am       Youth & Open Poultry Show & Showmanship (Livestock Area)

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open**

Pretty Baby Registration (13-36 months) (Open Shelter)

1:00 pm         Pretty Baby Contest (13-36 months) (Open Shelter)

Sponsored by WV Birth to Three

Carnival Opens

Kid's Day Activities (12 & Under)                                            

5:00 pm        Carnival Closes (dinner break) 

5:30 pm         ATV Mud Bog Registration

6:00 pm         Jr. Swine Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Jr. Swine Show (Livestock Area) Immediately Following

6:15 pm        Carnival Opens

7:00 pm        ATV Mud Bog (Track Area) 50-80 cc Youth (13 years & Under), 81-150cc Youth (Up to 16 years), 0-300 2 WD Stock, 301-500 2 WD Stock, 501 –up 2 WD Stock, 0-400 4 WD Stock, 401-550 4WD Stock, 551- up 4 WD Stock, Utility,Side-By-Side, Sport Utility Side-By-Side

Sponsored by Karl’s Automotive, Hilltop Auto Wrecking, Oesterle Auto, Paint, & Supply, Conrad Development, Bosley Rental & Supply

 8:30 pm        MO PITNEY (Main Stage)

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


Thursday, July 16

“ WNUS US-107" DAY

“Armed Forces Day”


9:00 am         Jr. Dairy Goat Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Jr. Dairy Goat Show Immediately Following

Jr. Dairy Cow Showmanship Immediately Following

Jr. Dairy Cow Show Immediately Following

10:00 am       Jr. Rabbit Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Open Beef Registration (Livestock Area)

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open**

Pretty Baby Registration (0-12 months)

Jr. Rabbit Show (Livestock Area)

1:00 pm         Pretty Baby Contest (0-12 months)

Sponsored by WV Birth to Three

Carnival Opens

2:00 pm         Diaper Derby Registration (Open Shelter)

2:30 pm         Diaper Derby (Ages 0-12 months)

5:00 pm         Carnival Closes (dinner break)

                      Mud Bog Registration

5:30 pm         Pet Parade Sponsored by PAIS

                      Corn Hole Registration

6:00 pm         Jr. Beef Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Jr. Beef Show (Livestock Area)

6:15 pm         Carnival Opens

7:00 pm         Mud Bog (Track Area) Street Stock (Speed Pit), Factory  

                      Street Legal (Speed Pit), Outlaw (Speed Pit, Lil' Deep Pit

                      up to 0-37"  DOT UNCUT

                     Corn Hole Tournament 

                     KARAOKE (Main Stage)

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


**Active military personnel admitted free Thursday ONLY with Active Duty or Active Reserve Duty Military ID


Friday, July 17

“ Z106/103 The Bear" DAY


9:00 am        English and Miniture Division and Western and Contest Division

4-H Horse Show (Showmanship Classes First)

10:30 am       Open Beef Show

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open

1:00 pm         Kid’s Pedal Tractor Pull (Fair Office) (0-150 lbs)

4-H Dog Show

                      Carinval Opens         

2:30 pm         Hay Bale Throw, Skillet Toss Registration (Fair Office)

3:00 pm         Hay Bale Throw, Skillet Toss (Fair Office)

4:00 pm         Watermelon Eating, Bubble Gum Blowing Registration

Carnival Closes (dinner break)

4:30 pm         Watermelon Eating Contest 

Immediately followed by Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

5:00 pm         Mud Bog Registration          

                         ATV Drag Registration

6:15 pm        Carnival Opens

7:00pm         TBA (Main Stage)

ATV Drag Racing (ATV Track Area), 0-330 cc 2 stroke, 0-500cc 4 stroke, 0-400cc 2 stroke, 0-1000cc 4 stroke single or twin cylinder, 0-1000cc Open, 0-500 cc 2 stoke or 700cc 4 stroke, 0-1500cc open,  UTV class.

                     Mud Bog (Track Area) Street Modified (Speed Pit), Pro Stock (Speed Pit), Super Stock (Speed Pit), Big Deep Pit 38"- up DOT-UNCUT (no tractor tires)

Sponsored by Karl’s Automotive, Hilltop Auto Wrecking, Oesterle Auto, Paint, & Supply, Conrad Development, Bosley Rental & Supply

8:30 pm        JOE DIFFIE(Main Stage) Sponsored by Z106/103 "The Bear"

11:00 pm      Fairgrounds Close


Saturday, July 18



8:00 am         Miniature Horse Show Registration (Livestock Area)

10:00 am      Ticket Gates Open*

Garden Tractor Pulls Registration (ATV Track Area)

Miniature Horse Show

12:00 pm       Jr, Livestock Sale

                     Spitting Contest

1:00 pm        Carnival Opens

                     Stone Throw Registration

2:00 pm        Stone Throw
4:00 pm        Truck Pull Registration

Carnival Closes (dinner break)

6:00 pm        Truck Pulls Street Stock 4x4, Stock Modified 4x4,

                     Modified Street Stock 6200 (gas only), Super stock,                            Diesel, 7700, Open 4x4, Street Stock Semis, Open Semis   

7:00 pm        TBA (Main Stage)        

8:30 pm         CADILLAC THREE (Main Stage)

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


*Livestock Gate opens according to Livestock Schedule