Celebrating 42 years

"Where Families Come For Fun!"

July 12-16, 2016

Mineral Wells, West Virginia

2016 Tentative Schedule



Sunday, July 10

2-6:00 pm      Register All Exhibits

5-10:00 pm    All Junior Livestock

 Weigh-in (Livestock Area)


Monday, July 11

Livestock Pictures


Tuesday, July 12


“Senior Citizens’ Day” sponsored by Wood Co. Waste, Harold’s Refuse


9:00 am         4-H Rabbit Show (Livestock Area)

10:00 am       Still Exhibit Judging

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open**

Jr. Royalty Pageant Registration (Open Shelter)

1:00 pm         Tiny Tot Pageant (Ages 3-5) Girls & Boys.

Little Miss & Mister (Ages 6-8) Girls & Boys.

Jr. Miss (Ages 9-12) 

4:00 pm        Carnival Opens

6:00 pm        Jr. Sheep Showmanship(Livestock Area)

Jr. Sheep Show (Immediately following)

Jr. Market Goat Showmanship

Jr. Market Goat Show

6:30 pm         ATV Drag Racing Registration

                     Opening ceremonies, Flag raising, Guest                 

7:30 pm       ATV Drag Racing (ATV Track Area), Class 1: 0-90cc 

                 Youth 12 and under OEM (Frame, Pipe, Engine) No     

                 factory produced Race Bikes, Class 1: Outlaw 0-100

                 Youth 12 and Under, Class 2:Powder Puff Class :

                 0-250cc Youth 4-Stroke 16 and under(No Drag Axle,

                 Stock Frame, stock Transmission, No Outboard Drag

                 Pipes), Class 3:0-360cc 4-Stroke (Stoke Transmission)

                 Class 3: 0-360cc 4-stroke (Stock transmission), Class

                 8:0-450cc 4-Stroke (Stoke Frame, No Cut

                 transmission, No Outboard Drag Pipes, No Drag Axles)

                 Class 9: 0-700cc 4-Stroke (Stock Frame, No Cut

                 Transmission, No Drag Axles, o club Members, No

                 Club Member Bikes), Class 10: 0-416cc 4Stroke (Stock

                 Transmission) Class 12: 0-Stock Utility 4-Stroke (Pipe

                 Only Mod), Class 13: 0-Sport Utility No Nitrous and

                 Factory Stock Frame, Dirt Bike Classes-Class 15:

                 0-100cc Youth (12 and Under) UTV Classes-Class 16

                 (If 2 or more UTVs), Power Wheels Class-Class 17:

                 Open power-Wheels Class 5 and under. For complete

                 list of rules and regulations see


8:30 pm      TBA(Main Stage)Sponsored by WGGE    

                     "Froggy 99"

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


**All Senior citizens age 60 & over admitted for $5.00 all day"


Wednesday, July 13 "US-107 WNUS Day"

“Kids’ Day” 

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open**

Pretty Baby Registration (13-36 months) (Open Shelter)

1:00 pm         Pretty Baby Contest (13-36 months) (Open Shelter)

Sponsored by WV Birth to Three

Carnival Opens

Kid's Day Activities (12 & Under)                                          

5:30 pm         ATV Mud Bog Registration

6:00 pm         Jr. Swine Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Jr. Swine Show (Livestock Area) Immediately Following

7:00 pm         ATV/UTV Mud Bog (Track Area) 50-80 cc Youth (13 years &

                    Under), 1-150cc Youth (Up to 16 years), 0-300 2 WD Stock,

                    301-500 2 WD tock, 501 –up WD Stock, 0-400 4 WD Stock,

                    401-550 4 WD Stock, 51-up 4 WD Stock, Side-by-Side

                    Utility, Side-by-Side Sport Utility. ponsored by Karl’s

                    Automotive, Hilltop Auto Wrecking, Oesterle Auto, Paint, &

                    Supply, Conrad Construction, Bosley Rental & Supply

8:30 pm        TBA(Main Stage)

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


Thursday July 14 “ WGGE FROGGY 99" Day

“Armed Forces Day”

 9:00 am        Jr. Dairy Goat Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Jr. Dairy Goat Show Immediately Following

Jr. Dairy Cow Showmanship Immediately Following

Jr. Dairy Cow Show Immediately Following

10:00 am       Jr. Rabbit Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Open Beef Registration (Livestock Area)

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open**

Pretty Baby Registration (0-12 months)

Jr. Rabbit Show (Livestock Area)

1:00 pm         Pretty Baby Contest (0-12 months)

Sponsored by WV Birth to Three

Carnival Opens

                                WV Hereford Association State Cattle Show (Livestock area)

2:00 pm          Diaper Derby Registration (Open Shelter)

2:30 pm         Diaper Derby (Ages 0-12 months)

5:00 pm         Mud Bog Registration

5:30 pm         Pet Parade Sponsored by PAIS

6:00 pm         Jr. Beef Showmanship (Livestock Area)

Jr. Beef Show (Livestock Area)

7:00 pm         Mud Bog (Track Area) Pure Street Stock, Modified Street,  

                      Hot Street, Super Street, Modified, Pro Stock, Outlaw       

                      KARAOKE (Main Stage)

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


**Active military personnel admitted free Thursday ONLY with Active Duty or Active Reserve Duty Military ID


Friday, July 15 “ Z106/103 The Bear" DAY

9:00 am         4-H Horse Show (Showmanship Class First)

10:30 am       Open Beef Show

12:00 pm       Ticket Gates Open

1:00 pm         Kid’s Pedal Tractor Pull (Fair Office) (0-150 lbs)

4-H Dog Show

                      Carinval Opens         

2:30 pm        Hay Bale Throw, Skillet Toss Registration (Fair Office)

3:00 pm         Hay Bale Throw, Skillet Toss (Fair Office)

4:00 pm         Watermelon Eating, Bubble Gum Blowing Registration

Carnival Closes (dinner break)

4:30 pm         Watermelon Eating Contest 

Immediately followed by Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

5:00 pm         Mud Bog Registration           

                              ATV Drag Registration

7:00pm         ATV Drag Racing (ATV Track Area)

                  Class 4: 0-330cc 2-Stroke, Class 5: 0-500cc 4-Stroke, Class 6:

                  0-400cc 2-Stroke,Class 8: 4-Stroke (Wheelie Bars now

                  allowed, open air ox, No drag axels, Stock Transmission,   

                  Stock Frame, No Outbore rag ipes) Class 7: 0-1000cc 4-                           Stroke Single or Twin Cylinder, Class 9: 0-1000cc Open, 

                  Class 11: 0-500cc 2-Stroke/0-700cc 4-Stroke, Class 14:                           -1500cc Open. For complete list of rules and regulations see 


                  Mud Bog (Track Area)

                  Lil’ Mu D Pit Up to 37.5” DOT Uncut Tires, Big Mu D Pit 38” 

                  and Up DOT Uncut Tires (No Tractor Tires). Sponsored by 

                  Karl’s Automotive,Hilltop Auto Wrecking, Oesterle Auto, Paint,

                  & Supply, Conrad Construction, Bosley Rental & Supply

8:30 pm       TBAMain Stage) Sponsored by Z106/103 "The Bear"

11:00 pm      Fairgrounds Close


Saturday, July 16



8:00 am         Miniature Horse Show Registration (Livestock Area)

10:00 am      Ticket Gates Open*

Garden Tractor Pulls Registration (ATV Track Area)

Miniature Horse Show

12:00 pm       Jr, Livestock Sale

                     Spitting Contest

1:00 pm        Carnival Opens

                     Stone Throw Registration

2:00 pm        Stone Throw         
4:00 pm       Truck Pull Registration
6:00 pm       Truck Pulls
(Track Area) 6200 Pure Street, 6500 Pure Street, 6200 Cheater
                        Street,6200 Modified Outlaw Stock, 5800 Super Stock, 6000 Modified
                        ProStock, 8000Modified Diesel Stock, 8000 Open (Hot) Diesel, Super Stock
.Sponsored by Karl’s Automotive, Hilltop Auto Wrecking, Oesterle Auto,
                        Paint & Supply, Conrad Construction, Bosley Rental and Supply
, Rig 
                        Builders, LLC  

8:30 pm         TBA (Main Stage)

11:00 pm       Fairgrounds Close


*Livestock Gate opens according to Livestock Schedule